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Volunteer! Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul! And Fun!
(PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is not current!! However, Adoptions and Volunteer Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11-2. Masks required. Please contact the S.P.A. via email at if you are interested in volunteering. We will then set up a required  interview for you and coordinate timing. Volunteers must be fully vaccinated.

Volunteer hours are Monday-Saturday from 11-2.  During that time, come and walk dogs with us.  It’s great exercise for you and our dogs and also helps to socialize our dogs which, in turn, makes them more adoptable.  Our goal is to make sure all of our adolescent and older dogs get a daily walk.  With 40-45 dogs in this category, we could use your help!
Volunteers are the heart of the S.P.A. With the exception of a few paid employees, the S.P.A.’s daily operations rely completely on help from volunteers.  Our dog advocate and cat advocate, both volunteers, oversee the well-being of our animals, not only so that the animals’ needs are met while they are at the S.P.A., but also to ensure that each one that is adopted finds a good, safe, and loving home.  Our board of directors, many of whom are at the S.P.A. on a daily basis, is composed entirely of volunteers.
Come and play with puppies, kittens, and cats! It’s better than T.V. The puppies are so much fun to watch as they romp in Puppy World.  They are also thrilled to get attention and are bundles of affection and energy.  Come and sit with cats and kittens! They will purr with happiness from the attention they receive and they’re adorably playful. 

For more information, download our Volunteer Information sheet in English or Spanish:
Volunteer Information-English          Volunteer Information-Spanish

Speaking of which, we need help with fundraising! Have a good idea?  Let us know!  Willing to help pull it all together? Even better. Let us know if you’d be willing to help at specific fundraising events.   Without fundraisers and donations, the S.P.A. cannot survive.

Sometimes we have very young puppies or kittens that cannot be admitted to the S.P.A. because they need special, devoted care for a few weeks. Let us know if we can count on you to foster one of these babies, should the need arise.

And there’s never-ending office work – typing miscellaneous items and helping us with general office duties.  Is that right up your alley?

Do you have an S.P.A. adoption success story?  Submit it to us for our weekly column in the Atencion or any other story you think would work.

There are lots of ways to help.  Choose one or more and we’ll welcome you warmly! You will be surprised at how rewarding it is to be involved with the S.P.A.  It’s a joyful experience.

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