The S.P.A.'s On-Site Clinic Is Open to the Public

The S.P.A. has a full-time veterinarian (Dr. Omar Córdova) at our on-site clinic. We offer high-quality health care at a lower cost for your pets. This care ranges from providing routine vaccinations, examinations, and follow-ups to diagnosing, treating, and hospitalizing sick or injured animals, taking x-rays, performing surgeries, and providing emergency care. We also offer dental care for your cat or dog, including teeth cleaning.

Spay/neuter services are available by appointment. We encourage all pet owners to sterilize their pets to help curb animal reproduction. All animals adopted from the S.P.A. are sterilized, or, if too young at the time of adoption, are scheduled to be sterilized (included as part of the adoption fee).

Under the current circumstances, we prefer that no one enters the clinic other than S.P.A. personnel. If critical, only 1 person may enter the S.P.A. with his animal and that person must wear a mask and stay 6 feet (2 meters) away from S.P.A. personnel.

Thank you for your consideration in following these rules.


Tuesdays and Saturdays are discount days! The vet’s consultation fee and many vaccinations are reduced on those days. S.P.A. members receive a 10% discount off the S.P.A. vet’s consultation’s fee every day.


We have packages available so that pet owners can obtain all the necessary services to keep their animals healthy, but at a discounted price. We offer three packages: (1) Complete Puppy Package; (2) Complete Kitten Package; and (3) Adult Dog Package. Each package includes optional sterilization at a discounted price. All packages require full payment in advance. All packages expire one year from the payment date.  See the attached ads for details.

Package-Puppy Ad                Package-Kitten Ad               Package-Adult Dog Ad

In addition, we offer a discount on sterilizations when an S.P.A. pet is adopted and an unsterilized pet is at home. Within two months from the date of adoption, the discount will be given – no limit on the number of pets sterilized and it doesn’t matter if you adopt a cat and have an unsterilized dog at home or vice versa or both – the appropriate discount applies.

Clinic hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (9-3) and Tuesday and Saturday (9-4).   We are closed on Sundays.   While walk-ins are welcome, there may be a wait, so it is preferable if you make an appointment at the clinic by calling 415-152-6124.

Emergency Services

The S.P.A. does not offer emergency service when the clinic is closed. The following vets have emergency numbers:

  • Dr. Ricardo Lopez Landeros  (S.P.A. Preferred Provider): Emergency: 415-154-2901

  • Dr. Edgardo Rene Vazquez Olmos (S.P.A. Preferred Provider): Emergency:  415-154 8452

  • Dr. Michael Kronish (S.P.A. Preferred Provider): Cell:  415-109-9957

  • Dr. Alma (Pet Vet) (S.P.A. Preferred Provider): Emergency:  415-152-4463