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Save a Life by Fostering
We have a wonderful opportunity for you to give a cat or dog a second chance and yourself the joy of cuddling with a “temporary pet” – sort of like being a grandparent – have fun, knowing that ultimately you can send the grandkids home.
The S.P.A. has a foster program! The main purpose for setting up a foster home network is to have a way to handle emergency overflows. Often, homeless cats and dogs are found by people who are leaving town, can’t keep a pet where they live, or don’t have the resources to support an animal. They need to surrender the cat or dog to the S.P.A., but we don’t have space. That’s why we are establishing a network of foster homes. We anticipate that our greatest need will be to find a foster home for dogs of various ages. Our plan is that the foster period will be short.
We will provide medical care at the S.P.A. clinic for all foster animals. If the foster family needs our help with providing food, we will do that also. We will also help with other supplies as much as we can.

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If you are interested in helping us foster animals until we are able to take them into the S.P.A., please send us an email at or call the S.P.A. (415-152-6124). We will set up an appointment to meet you. If you would like to print the applicable form below, complete it, and bring it to the meeting, that would be great!

Thank you for joining us in our efforts to save as many cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies as possible!



Foster Questionnaire-English

Foster Questionnaire-Spanish

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