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Goal: $250,000 Pesos/ $13,500 USD

The S.P.A., San Miguel’s only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs, houses a combined average of 100 animals. We are able to save even more through our foster program, but that means more mouths to feed.

We provide shelter, care (vaccinations, sterilization, medical care), and food for ALL of them until they become family companions—no matter how long it takes or even if it never happens. In 2019, almost 100 cats and dogs were adopted from us. We are proud of our adoption successes, knowing that we are helping to reduce the stray and homeless animal population in San Miguel de Allende.

Because animals do not adjust well to changes in diet and we lack sufficient storage space, we need to raise money to cover the annual cost of feeding our cats and dogs the food they are accustomed to eating. Many of our animals, dogs in particular, have been at the S.P.A. for a long time (years) and, as they age, they require food designed to address the needs of older animals. Even some of our younger animals require a unique diet due to health conditions that develop. For these reasons, we have had to switch some of our residents from our regular, economy-priced food to other options.


In existence since 1980, the S.P.A. relies solely on financial donations to survive. We do not receive any government support. We economize, but need help covering this expense. That’s why we are turning to you.

The goal of this year’s Pet Food Money Bank is to raise $250,000 pesos (about $13,500 USD), 100% of which will be applied to the annual cost of feeding our family-pets-to-be. Please help us with this basic expense – the cost of food – by making a monetary deposit to our Pet Food Money Bank. 

SPECIAL MATCHING DONATION BONUS: Not only will 100% of your donation apply to the annual cost of feeding our resident cats and dogs, but each donation to the Pet Food Money Bank through June 30 up to a total of $3,500 USD will be matched by an anonymous donation to SPA Dogs to DC, the incredibly successful project that has, so far, resulted in 16 adoptions  of S.P.A. dogs (all pictured HERE) in the States. Macarena, Mia, Tigi, Gigi, Isabella, Cocoa, Holly, Skye, Fresa, Simba, Maple, Snowflake, Mocha, Latte, Stella, and Dipper are all in loving homes thanks to the joint efforts of the S.P.A. and its relentless volunteer, Tammy Belden. At least five more dogs, some of them long-term residents, are on the list for the next trip, as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. 

An additional benefit of the SPA Dogs to DC project is that adoptions create space at the S.P.A. so that the S.P.A. can take in more dogs and work on finding them forever homes. Not only have we been able to finally take in dogs from our waiting list, but we have expanded our focus to include dogs who are likely doomed to die at Ecologia, San Miguel’s kill pound. In recent months, we have saved 10 dogs from certain death as a result of this effort. Seven of them have been adopted already.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 pesos or $13,500,000 USD

No amount you choose to donate is too small (or too big)!  Please spread the word. Ask a friend to donate and friends of friends. Every contribution helps!

The simplest way to deposit to our Pet Food Money Bank is by clicking the “Donate” button below which is a direct link to PayPal.

Make a one-time donation instantly!


Donate any amount of your choosing, using PayPal. Every donation is much appreciated.

Please click the button below to make your donation:

We have some hungry cats and some hungry dogs, all eager to dive in to their food bowls!

All of them will benefit from your donation to the S.P.A.’s Pet Food Money Bank.

Thank you for your help and support!

If You Would Prefer to Donate by Cash or Check:

If you prefer to donate by cash or check (rather than PayPal), please click here for instructions:  here.

You can also make a U.S. deductible donation to the S.P.A. via PayPal through the San Miguel Community Foundation's website here.

If you have questions, please write or call 415-152-6124. Don’t delay-deposit today! Thank you!

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