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How to Report Animal Abuse

The best and fastest way to get a response is to call 911.  The dispatcher will take the report and forward it to the Canine Control Center personnel, who then should go out right away.  Call more than once if someone does not come right away, especially in case of dire emergency. There are supposed to have English-speaking dispatchers too because of our large expat community. These reports can also be anonymous.

Call the Canine Control Center for help.  The office number is: 415-154-7200, but its hours are very limited.

Please note that the S.P.A. is not equipped to help rescue a stray dog or cat, find a lost pet, or get involved with a situation involving animal abuse.  We wish we had the personnel and finances to help all needy animals, but we don’t.

If you see or know of animal abuse or an animal in distress, PLEASE report it and do whatever you can to help. Thank you!

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