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Please Donate for the Benefit of Our Cats and Dogs!
The Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A. C. is the oldest no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in San Miguel de Allende. We have been providing food, shelter, and care for unwanted and abandoned animals since 1980. Our goal has always been to find permanent, loving homes for our cats and dogs. We have an on-site clinic that provides veterinary services for our own animals and those belonging to the public. Without donations from our supporters, the S.P.A., a non-profit organization, could not exist. See matching donations offer below!** 
This year, we have continued to focus on taking in dogs from the Canine Control Center (the government kill shelter), saving them from certain death. Grace, Charlie, and Annie are among those we rescued from that facility in 2022. Grace is a sweet, gentle hound dog who loves affection. Charley is a hugger, friendly to people and other dogs. Annie is a lover, eager to go for a walk. She welcomes attention. Each is a wonderful dog and would do very well as a member of any family.

We are so pleased that we were able to save them and more from Canine Control this past year, including Champ, Ruby, Maggie, Sammy, Clara, Sierra, Angel, Lizzy, Canela, Gigi, Brandy, and Poppy.
We also provide a safe haven for cats in need. Salem was homeless, living in a property with her three young daughters. They were not welcome to stay there. The whole family came to the S.P.A. in March 2022. Salem avoids other cats at the S.P.A. because they aren’t very kind to her. However, she loves people and is a great cat!
Dolly was discovered in the trash in the campo about six months ago. Something or someone in her past taught her to be terribly afraid of people. She will require a very patient owner while she gets over her fear. She needs a home she can call her own.
These are just a few examples of what we face every day, year round. We have many tales of animals in need and how the S.P.A. comes to their rescue. Thanks to our hardworking volunteers and staff combined with ever-important donations from supporters like you, we have countless happy endings.

Please help us help them by donating to the S.P.A.! Our major expenses are food, medications, vaccines, and litter for our shelter animals; clinic medical supplies, lab costs, and equipment; facility maintenance; cleaning costs for our population of dogs and cats; office supplies; and salaries for our small staff. We do not receive government assistance. It takes the ongoing support of our animal-loving donors to keep us in operation. The cost of caring for all of our animals and the beloved pets of our clients typically exceeds $2 million pesos per year.

**EXCITING NEWS:  Anonymous donors will match all new donations to the S.P.A.
through the end of the year up to a total of $2,500 USD!

Please donate to the S.P.A. today. Any amount you choose will help us continue our work and achieve our goals. All funds received will be used to benefit our animals. Please review the attached form to learn how to make a donation by check, online through PayPal, or by cash payment.

Thank you for becoming a part of our effort to provide a refuge for cats and dogs, regardless of how long it takes to find homes for them.


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