Take Advantage of the Chance to Help Save Cats and Dogs
The Sociedad Protectora de Animales de San Miguel de Allende, A. C. (“S.P.A.”) is a non-profit organization and the only no-kill shelter for cats and dogs in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We house an average of 100 unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats. Since 1980, we have provided food, shelter, and care for our resident animals with the goal of finding them permanent, loving homes. Our on-site clinic provides veterinary services for our animals and those belonging to the public. We and our animals rely upon donations to survive.** 
Penny was discovered by the S.P.A. at animal control, a kill shelter. Her days were numbered there. She gave whole-hearted kisses through her cage and seemed to be a very calm dog. We couldn’t leave her behind so we brought her to the S.P.A., hoping to find her a home that matched her loving nature. About 4 years old or so, she has some Beagle in her, but doesn’t do the Beagle-howl or even bark. She walks easily on a leash, doesn’t pull at all, and relishes as much attention as someone is willing to give her, tail wagging all the time. When she went through her S.P.A. “entrance” physical, we discovered that she was missing a rib and that there were numerous bumpy areas in her body where broken bones had healed without treatment, evidencing that she had probably been in a car accident before. We also found a double row of bare skin on the lower part of her neck, indicating that she was likely tied up with a wire. Despite Penny’s sad history, one could never meet a more gentle, sweet dog. 
An S.P.A. dog walker discovered a tiny, beautiful two-year old black and white cat lying in the weeds, barely alive and badly injured. The cat’s face was riddled with lacerations and one eye was hemorrhaged and slightly protracted. Rushed to our on-site veterinarian, she was cleaned up, given pain medication, and her injuries were treated. Now named Chrissie, she wasn’t eating and seemed to be in shock. It would take a few days to know if she would survive. Fortunately, her injuries healed and her eye is as good as new. It took more time for Chrissie to rise above the emotional and physical traumatic event that had put her in such a horrible state. She has learned to get along with her roommates and looks forward to special moments with volunteers, seeking love, attention, and even playtime from them. We are convinced she finally understands how lucky she is to be alive and in a safe, loving place.
These are just two examples of what we face every day, year round. Donations from supporters like you make it possible for us to help animals like Penny and Chrissie. We have many tales of animals in need and how the S.P.A. comes to their rescue. Thanks to our hardworking volunteers and staff, we also have countless happy endings.
You can help us help them by donating to the S.P.A.! Our major expenses are food, medications, vaccines and litter for our shelter animals; clinic medical supplies, lab costs, and equipment; facility maintenance; cleaning costs for our population of dogs and cats; office supplies and salaries for our small staff. We do not receive government assistance. It takes the ongoing support of our animal-loving donors to keep us in operation. The cost of caring for all of our animals and the beloved pets of our clients exceeds $2,000,000 pesos per year!
**EXCITING NEWS:  Anonymous donors will match all new donations to the S.P.A. through the end of the year up to a total of $3,000 USD!**
We hope this will give you additional motivation to make as generous a gift as you can. Any amount you choose will help us continue our work and achieve our goals. All funds received will be used to benefit our animals. Please review the form below to learn how to make a donation by check, online through PayPal, or by cash payment.
Thank you for becoming a part of our effort to provide a refuge for cats and dogs, regardless of how long it takes to find homes for them.
Megan Gabel
S.P.A. General Director

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