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Vanderbilt, poor Vanderbilt. He arrived at the S.P.A. in September 2017 at the age of 1 year. It must have been a horrific year. He had untreated broken bones in his back, hips, and tail. From his demeanor, we could tell that he was in pain. He bit people who tried to pet him and bit people just because he felt like it. He was put on pain medication and is much better now with people he knows, even though we must always be aware that he may bite at any time. He loves to have his head and neck rubbed by certain people and he loves to watch the day go by from his sunny bed. By virtually adopting Vanderbilt, you will help the S.P.A. provide the safe haven, food, medication, and love that he deserves.

Give Vanderbilt some love at the S.P.A. any day, Monday-Saturday, between 11 and 2.

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