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Shy is a beautiful, medium/large, black dog who was extremely shy with new people, but now seems to be open to making new human friends. Once she gets to know you, she is a loving, gentle teddy bear of a dog who wags her tail in her excitement to see you. She is just adorable, taking tiny pitter-patter steps as she approaches for some petting and attention. Shy is even better on the street when going for a walk, not nearly as frightened as she used to be of cars. She seems to get along with all other dogs and is a wonderful girl, so happy that it is a pleasure to be around her. Shy was about 1-1/2 years old when she came to the S.P.A. on November 8, 2010. She’s ready to be in her forever home!

Let Shy get to know you at the S.P.A., any day, Monday-Saturday, between 11 and 2.

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